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16. August 2016


to our blog. It is meant to be a source of inspiration throughout the project and you’ll find pieces of experiences, thoughts, best-practices and many other little things here. Enjoy!

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19. December 2016

Survey about social networks and digital online tools

Thinking about social networks and digital online tools allows us to question how students use them. It is also interesting to examine the popularity of social networks and digital online tools. A survey was conducted encasing the result of 29 students. 22 of the 29 students study economic sciences and 7 students study educational sciences.

Approximately one student out of four uses digital tools to organize their daily life or studies.


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14. November 2016

This semester’s first outputs

20161114_131750Over the course of the winter term our students (at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany) have to complete different practical projects in groups. They also have to document the progress and insights of their projects. They are allowed to use different digital tools, which can help them to organize and improve their projects. These tools can be also used for mobile learning and working together.
During our first meeting on Friday we brainstormed about the digital tools they know and the purpose or learning scenario for which they could be used. The picture above shows the output of the group.

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8. November 2016

Re-thinking the use of audio recordings (podcasts) in higher education


Imagine you are sitting in a lecture and you participate in a great lesson. Wouldn´t it be nice to have that audio recorded? But what to do with an 2 or 3 hours long audio file? It will be hard to find somebody who is willing to listen to it from the begining to the end. Did you know that you can make audio-files “read-able”? Maybe you have seen already chapters and other markers in podcasts on soundcloud or other places. Yes, there are standards out to do that. But those markers can be not only just text, they can be also links to websites or images. So out of an simple audio file you can do right now much more then just listen to it. Isn´t that a big chance for higher education? Today i recorded first time the lesson I had, of course i don´t expect my students to listen to those 3 hours again, (I guess it was already hard to stand once those 3 hours with me! 😉 ) but maybe some parts of it might be interesting for them. So i will add markers, links i used, additional content and share that with my students. But I want my students to get active and again, the web offers various possibilities for that. So they will be asked to give feedback to the audio file, to write comments and so on. At the end of this process I hope they got more familiar with the content of my lesson today, let´s see if it will work like this. – Stay tuned! 😉

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16. October 2016

Let´s get started!

To start is often one of the most difficult steps in a project. But imagine you are together with some open and creative colleagues, having the same goal in mind and being able to talk about all your ideas. That was exactly the impression I had at the first MINE project meeting in mainz. Thanks to all colleagues, i think we had a great and very fruitful time and also a great start into our project. You know, sometimes you sit in a meeting and you feel that it´s just perfect, that everything somehow works very well, one topics smoothly comes to the next one and at the end of the day you look at your preparations and you see, that all topics you wanted to talk about were discussed.

But let´s talk a little about the project. The topic is about mobile learning in higher education. As we all know, mobile technologies are a part of our life, a part of our society. Those tools are already widely used in in various learning settings, but not much used in higher education. When i talk about mobile learning, i don´t mean special apps, certain OS or devices. I have a more general approach about mobile learning, i mean that the learner can access the content whenever and wherever he wants. Mobile learning is also based on open learning resources, so for that we also need various OER which is accessible via mobile devices. People are much more mobile these days and as we are connected to the internet most of the time, we are also connected into our social network, to our learning network and also to our personal learning environment. Mobile technologies opens also the possibility for the learner, to take more control of the own learning process. That means that the role of the learning and also of the teacher will change. The learner must be much more self aware of his own learning process, being able to organize himself and the role of the teacher will change that he will be more a guide, a facilitator. To make this possible, the “learner” and the “teacher” needs certain competences which are rather seldom in traditional formal education institutions. But they are the important base to enable self organized learning with mobile technologies. That´s the reason why this project will collect those basic competences for mobile learning in a first step and then we will develop together a small curriculum for a students and a teacher course. To see if those courses are practical and useful the way we thought, we will put them in practice in an Intensive Programm in spring 2018. After the evaluation of this first course, we will also try to improve our curriculum based on the feedback and the evaluation of the IP. At the end we wonna run those courses in all participating instutions, mainly as an online course with the intensive use of mobile learning.

You got interested? You wonna know more about it or you wonna join the team? We would be very happy to hear from you, check out the contact details and we will get in touch.

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16. October 2016

First meeting in Mainz

From october 12th to 13th, the team met for the first time to discuss the outlines of the project and to define our goals more clearly. It was a very friendly, constructive and effective meeting in Mainz.


Currently, we’re still looking for new partners to join us on our path.


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